“HOWL takes a celebrated piece of writing and makes it come alive.”
- A.O. Scott, New York Times

FIVE STARS:  ”Undeniably brave, committed and inventive.”
- Michael Ordoña, Los Angeles Times

“A great film. Franco disappears into Ginsberg’s sexy earthiness.”
- Jennie Yabroff,

“Moments of soaring brilliance, with an elegant performance by Franco as Ginsberg that should redefine his career.”
- Betsy Sharkey,
Los Angeles Times

“As exuberant and free-wheeling as the poem itself…Seldom has a motion picture bestowed such splendor on the written/spoken word.”
- John Anderson, Newsday

HOWL is a gutsy, inventive film about an important moment.”
- Marshall Fine, Huffington Post

“Stimulating and at times exhilarating to watch…”
- Bruce Handy,
Vanity Fair

HOWL is as stunning for its intricate structure as the acting of James Franco, who plays the young Ginsberg.”
- Sam Allis,
Boston Globe

HOWL combines dramatization and documentary images so fluidly that one experiences what may be a new form.”
- Steven Watson,

“A frenetic charged piece of cinematic poetry.”
- Nick Haramis, Black Book

“Franco gives a nearly uncanny performance as the young Ginsberg.”
- Steve Silberman,
San Francisco Chronicle

“Damned if Franco doesn’t nail the poet’s winningly bombastic urban-intellectual glee; he’s like a young rabbi letting himself go in the New York beatnik underground. Howl isn’t a conventional biopic.”
- Owen Gleiberman,
Entertainment Weekly

“Franco plays Ginsberg with an electrified fondness.  HOWL plays like poetry in motion.”
- Troy Patterson, Spin Magazine

“A provocative and moving attempt to address concepts of freedom of expression constructed in a manner designed to reflect both the poem that inspired it and the debate that pursued it.”
- Wyndham Wallace,
The Quietus

“Franco inhabits Ginsberg so completely that even those that knew the poet well are taken aback by this remarkable performance.  Ginsberg’s genius for friendship and intimacy is evoked perfectly in the film.”
- Steven Watson, Artforum

“Howl is an extraordinary thing.  Franco’s embodiment of Ginsberg contains just the right mix of sentimentality, ego, and humor.”
- Travis Nichols, The Huntington Post

“Funny and moving.  It’s delightful to watch Mad Men’s Jon Hamm do pretty much anything as defense attorney Jake Erlich.”
- David Downs, East Bay Express

“Franco is at his best in Howl.”
- Benoit Denizet-Lewis, The Advocate

“Writers and directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman have now brought “Howl” vividly to life on screen.”
- Gary M. Kramer, Gay City News

“Howl is an extraordinary film.”
- Hassan Novoa, Metrosource

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